Thursday, July 9, 2009

What to do with the 5 and unders in the garden?

Calling all garden educators, community gardeners, parents, and people who love to garden with kids! A friend of mine wants to expose her city kids to veggie gardening...they're both under 5, and I'm at a loss...Help. I've planted flowers and built raised beds with some pretty rad 8 year olds, but my depth in this area is pretty limited. 

Know of any cool kid-friendly gardens in the Bay Area? Know of any fun activities for the little ones in a garden? Or at home? 

I'm thinking worm bins would definitely be a hit. Any other suggestions? 


Lisa said...

worm bins for sure! i've seen kids really intrigued by worms, especially if you can get before and after buckets of scraps and soil (or "worm doody", as one garden educator calls it).

Ashley said...

Thanks Lisa! Worm bins will hopefully be great for the parents too--I've seen 50 and ups get just as excited and intrigued as a 5 year old by the little worms.