Sunday, July 5, 2009

NYT Magazine 07.05 a must read

Two great articles: an urban homestead feast in oaktown & an inspiring story of urban agriculturalist/master composter Will Allen. And if you're into the drama of CA politics you'll love the cover story too.

One of my favorite quotes from the article on Will Allen's urban greenhouses, "Street Farmer":

"With seeds planted at quadruple density and nearly every inch of space maximized to generate exceptional bounty, Growing Power is an agricultural Mumbai, a supercity of upward-thrusting tendrils and duct-taped infrastructure. Allen pointed to five tiers of planters brimming with salad greens. “We’re growing in 25,000 pots,” he said. Ducking his 6-foot-7 frame under one of them, he pussyfooted down a leaf-crammed aisle. “We grow a thousand trays of sprouts a week; every square foot brings in $30.”

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