Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Epic. Underground farmer's market is ON.

Workshops, kraut, chicken coups, music, slow roasted wild boar. And more. Follow your imagination here. You know where to find me on Thursday people.

PS: great poster, no? It's by Philip Clark


Phil said...

Hi Ashley,

My name is Philip Clark, and I am the designer of the above UFM poster. Would you please add a credit line below the image? Thanks for posting it - I appreciate the exposure.

Also, I have prints of the poster available, if you or anyone else is interested. They're printed on 18 pt FSC certified cardstock, which means the paper is environmentally sound, and heavy enough that it can stand up on its own without a frame. Each copy is signed by me. I only made a limited run, and sold out of all of them at the UFM last night, but I kept a few in reserve. You want one?

Ashley said...

Thanks Phil--I'm sorry for not giving you a credit line!

I picked up one of your posters last night--love it.

Phil said...

Excellent, thanks so much Ashley!